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Paella by Antonio can cater for any occasion. Our paellas are freshly cooked at your wedding, event or celebration in front of your guest and is served with continental salad, fresh bread, extra virgin olive oil and dressings as they offer a tasty and wholesome meal that all the family love.

Our four Spanish favourites paellas are:

Chicken Paella
This delicious paella includes succulent boneless chicken thigh pieces with red peppers, chick peas, garlic, paprika, extra virgin olive oil, tomato, garden peas, rosemary & parsley.
Chicken & Chorizo Paella
This is our most popular choice for celebrations, it contains succulent boneless chicken thigh pieces with Mix peppers, tomato, chick peas, smoked paprika, extra virgin olive oil, garden peas, garlic and slices of Spanish chorizo. 

Vegetable Paella
Our vegetarian paella contains Mix peppers, aubergine, courgettes, tomato, chick peas, garden peas, garlic, onions, artichockes and fresh parsley & Rose marie. 

Seafood paella
This  paella de "marisco" contains a mixture of various seafood (some  variations of ingredients may be necessary) our typical paella includes langoustine,
clams, mussels, calamari and prawns.

Paella by Antonio is using only the
finest and freshest of ingredients.

However, we are happy to tailor our services to your requirements so if you would like more tapas dishes served alongside the paella this can easily be achieved.

Vegetarian gluten free paella

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Choose from...

Our Spanish tapas menu is a selection of the 8 most populars & traditional tapas dishes in Spain. We can serve them at the table "Family style" or as part of your buffet.

  • Queso Manchego ​. (V)  The most celebrated cheese from Spain.

  • Gambas al Ajillo.    Peeled King Prawns cooked in garlic butter with a  good  handful chopped of fresh parsely, garlic & chilli. 

  • Grilled Marinated  Artichokes.   ​Marinated with a little of balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil, seasoned with parsley and garlic. Very, very yummy!

  • Spanish Mix Olives . (V)  A mixture of marinated manzanilla, sevillanas & black olives from Cordoba.

  • Spanish Chorizo  Bites  Flavoursome pan fried Spanish sausage infused with smoked Papikra. "Delicious"  

  • A selection of cured Ibérico meats . Including pamplone, salchichón, chorizo & Jamón Serrano. Aged 8-12 Months from Segovia.​

  • The famous Spanish Tortilla.   (V)   Wedges of traditional Spanish omelette made with potato, onion and free range eggs.

  • Ensaladilla Alicantina.   (V)  The top Spanish tapa in all the bars. Potato, egg, pickle onions, tuna flakes, mayonnaise, green peas  and red peppers.

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​Chicken and
 chorizo Paella 

~ +2 TAPAS ~

Spanish marinated
 Mixed  Olives
manchego cheese

​​Fresh bread , continental salad  &  dressings are included

Price per head


chorizo paella

~ +4 TAPAS ~

Spanish Mixed Olives

Manchego cheese 
​spanish tortilla 
 chorizo bites

​Fresh bread , continental salad  &  dressings are included

Price per head


Seafood paella

Chicken & chorizo paella

~ +6 TAPAS ~

Garlic Prawns "Gambas al Ajillo"
A selection of cured Ibérico meats
spanish Mixed Olives
 manchego Cheese

 grilled marinated artichokes
spanish chorizo bites
​Fresh bread , continental salad  &  dressings are included

Price per head

Please be aware that some of our food contains certain
ingredients/substances to which you may be
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